Thursday, December 30, 2010


Josephine's present; a handmade broom from

The night before my family Christmas party I was up past midnight finishing a doll for my newborn niece, but he came out beautifully.

Kevin surprised me by lighting up a table-top tree so it was ready when I woke up Christmas Eve. We had been hesitant to put up a tree because of our two dogs, cat, and curious toddler, but Papa Bear found a solution even after he had been at work all night. He's pretty sweet on me.

And here's Jo playing with the best present ever- loud, crinkle-y wrapping paper.

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  1. I just followed you over from your TBW siggie (CarrieLMB) :) Love the little broom! ...and what a great solution for the tree! We were nervous about ours too, but O didn't actually bother it much. I should probably admit, though, that the only the top half was actually still decorated by Christmas day. ;-)