Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love List

I'm inspired this week by Kris Carr's wonderful CrazySexyLife blog. Here's my list of what I've been thankful for this week, what's yours?

1. My mother. I know, I know, it's cliche, but I am! This week my mom watched Josephine at her house while I took my dog to obedience class. There was a tornado warning- yes tornado here in Maine, and my mom took my daughter in a wrap into the bathroom with her flashlight and life jacket. Like a boyscout she wanted to be prepared so nothing happened to our little Josephine. How sweet is that?

Note: The tornado didn't touch down near us and the thunderstorm passed us by without doing major damage. Which I'm also thankful for.

2. Fudgsicles. Yep, oldtimey ones that come by in an ice cream truck. That darn thing comes by my house at least once a day all summer long. This week I was having a rough time right when I heard that song, "Ba da da ta da ta da ta...." After rushing around for my wallet (while Papa Bear was saying, "Are you serious?) I ran outside and waved that truck down like a 2nd grader. Yum-o.

3. Free-to-the-public places like libraries and playgrounds. (Thank you, women's movement.) Sometimes, ok often, with a toddler my house is just too small and we need to get OUT. These places let Jo move and let me see her in a different space and a new light without stressing about her safety. I can just enjoy her and let her be herself. (Which I think she enjoys, too.)

Make your own list!

p.s I'm also thankful for the 'save post' feature on blogger. This post was originally called, 'Thankful Thursdays", but I'm just finishing it now and it's no longer Thursday.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Josephine's Birthday Gift

This is the doll that I made for Jo's birthday. I really loved making her. Her neck is too loose and I want to make another one right away to try to attach the head a different way. Making the hair way my favorite part. I couldn't find an online tutorial that I loved so I sortof made it up. I made a 'cap' for her like you would crochet a hat. The sewed that to her head and wove individual strands of wool yarn into it. It took forever and I am so proud. I think that handmade things are meant to be imperfect and the most important bit is that Jo loves her little doll and she's already brought us so much joy.

Long Days

I would like to start by not apologizing for not posting in a while. I am blogging without obligation and I know that other mums will understand anyway.

A nomad friend of mine, Stephanie, has started a blog about her hitching, farming, exploring trip around the country. I am struck by how different it is from my blog. And, of course, how different her life is from my own. Her life is a picture in motion and travel. My life is so often about stillness, sameness. Who was it that said about parenting, "The days are long but the years are short"? That is exactly what it feels like. Some days, and nights in particular, drag on and on and on. And yet here we are, one year down. The first year of my daughters life has slipped past unceremoniously. One long, nodescript day rolling into another.
Sometimes I am jealous of my friend's ability to move easily about the country not responsible to anyone but herself. She describes a day on the "loneliest road in America" and I think of how I long for, if not loneliness, at least 'alone-ness'. I gave blood last week and was delighted to be able to lay down for 15 minutes and not have to take care of anything or anyone. Giving blood was a treat! That's something only full-time moms could understand, I think.
Even as I envy women with more freedom and less obligation, I know that my own life is enviable. People look at me and long for family like me. I am rooted here, in a community. I am responsible, not just for my family but for my town, my state, my country. I cannot just get up and leave which forces me to change my world to more and more resemble the world that I want it to be. For my daughter, too.
And Josephine. I have Josephine and I know just how blessed I am and how many people wish for what I have. The short years and the long days.