Saturday, February 20, 2010

If you're not an activist, you're an INactivist.

Last night Papa Bear and I watched The Cove. It's an amazing documentary about secret dolphin slaughter happening right now off the coast of Japan. Every year over 20,000 dolphin and porpoises are brutally, needlessly and inhumanely murdered in the small fishing community Taijji. Their meat is then harvested and sold, illegally, to the Japanese public, poisoning them with toxic levels of mercury. Please see this film. (it is available through Netflix) And then take action!

Don't look away because it's unpleasant. If we don't do something, no one will.

The film also opened my eyes about what amazing animals dolphin really are. For more information on them, and other ocean mammals, as well as some truly beautiful photographs from dolphin in the wild, check out

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